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05/23/16:  Student Athlete Advisors Develops Seminars for Soccer Student-Athletes

02/05/16:  Student Athlete Advisors Develops Seminars For Chinese Student Athletes

04/20/15:  Student Athlete Advisors Launches Third Boot Camp Series

01/16/15:  Student Athlete Advisors Launches Seminar Series for High School Students

3/17/14:  Why a Postgraduate (PG) Year by Dr. Paul Reginald Lowe - Admissions Guru

11/22/13 - Student Athlete Advisors Expands into International Student Athlete Arena

02/05/13 - Student Athlete Advisors Launches Network of Ex- College Athletic Directors

05/22/12 - Student Athlete Advisors Launches Second Boot Camp Series

08/11/10 - Student Athlete Advisors To Appear on News 12 Connecticut: "Education Notebook" with host Amelia Wilson

6/17/10 - BHA Education Consultants and Pinnacle Educational Center Launch Student Company to Help Place Student Athletes

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