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                       * Being recruited is a once-in a lifetime opportunity!  Get noticed by colleges! *

1.  Why should I choose Student Athlete Advisors?

Student Athlete Advisors (SAA) is firm consisting of a balanced team of advisors that assist student athletes attain two main goals (1) to be recruited (2) obtain athletic scholarships.

Student-athletes and their parents NEED expert advice about and during the recruitment process, college selection and admissions process, and athletic scholarships.

At SAA, our education and admissions consultants have the experience, expertise and knowledge of the college recruiting and college admissions processes. 

Our lead consultant is Dr. Paul R. Lowe, president and founder of Pinnacle Educational Center Admissions Advisors Group; and senior advisor and lead admissions expert of the Admissions Advisors Group. In addition to having an unmatched track record of helping students matriculate to their top-choice schools, all of Dr. Lowe's children matriculated to Ivy League schools and were student-athletes!

At SAA, we understand and proactively analyze the current and upcoming changes in the college admissions process. We pass this knowledge on to our attendees. Students will receive that KNOWLEDGE and gain a COMPETITIVE EDGE.

2.  Does SAA work only with high school student-athletes?

We provide services primarily for high school student-athletes.  We also provide services for student-athletes enrolled in post-graduate year programs, junior colleges and students enrolled in international schools.

3.  My child is not the number 1 player or captain of his team, can he still be recruited?

Not every high school student athlete can be No. 1 on a high school team or club team.  A student does not have to be the No. 1 player to be recruited by colleges and to earn athletic scholarships.  SAA assists high school student athletes to be recruits and earn athletic scholarships.  We offer creative solutions to help achieve your goals!

4.  Does SAA provide workshops or seminars? 

SAA provides workshops and seminars through out the year to help students and their parents about specific aspects of college recruitment, college selection and admissions and athletic scholarships.  We limit the number of attendees so that the workshops are informative, interactive and individualized questions can be answered.

5.  What do you charge for your professional services? 

SAA fees vary depending on the type and quantity of service.

Our hourly fees for one-on-one consultation for recruiting advice start at $475.00.  We also provide packages, which are fixed price, depending upon the needs of the student athlete.

From time to time, we provide small scholarships for our services to assist financially disadvantaged families.

6.  I have read several books on recruiting and have seen DVDs on recruiting.  Why do I need SAA?   You need help from a live person with the knowledge of higher education, college admissions, college recruitment when you have to make important life-decisions regarding student athleticism, college planning and selection, college admissions and scholarship.  Important life-decisions require prudent and professional real-time advice and guidance.  SAA can help!  SAA Services.

7.  My child's high school guidance counselor and coach states that we don't need SAA services?

Certainly, most high school guidance counselors and coaches are hardworking and committed to helping their charges.  At SAA, we certainly don't want to minimize the fine work that they perform. However, student-athlete recruitment-admissions is very involved process.  It's a three-tier process.  (1) college-academic admissions, (2) college-athletic recruitment and (3) NCAA rules and regulations (see below).  Additionally, high school counselors and coaches may not be aware of other student-athletes in surrounding communities, in other states, or in other countries who are competing with you for your freshman class spot and team position. SAA supplements and complements high school counselors and coaches efforts.

SAA insures that each student-athlete receives our undivided attention, personalized private counseling, and real-time cutting-edge knowledge of the competitive recruitment AND college admissions environment.

Remember: Meeting NCAA academic rules DOES NOT guarantee admission to a college!

8.  A college coach stated that I will be a great recruit. Why do I need SAA services?

Remember that the admissions office NOT the coach, offers you admission to a college or university!!  As a student athlete interested in playing college sports at a particular college or university involves athletic recruiting and college-academic admissions process. 

9.  How important are the NCAA rules and regulations and how can SAA help me?

Most colleges and universities belong to the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).  NCAA, established in 1906, serves as the athletics governing body for more than 1280 colleges, universities and organizations.  The member colleges and universities develop the rules and guidelines for athletic eligibility and athletics competition for each of the three NCAA divisions (Division I, II, and II).

The NCAA Initial Eligibility Clearinghouse has established regulations which determine whether or not a student-athlete is eligible to play college athletics in his or her first year of college enrollment. The regulations differ from according to division.  Student-athletes who wish to participate in college sports during their first year of enrollment in college MUST register with the NCAA Initial Eligibility Clearinghouse.  

SAA helps you understand NCAA rules and regulations. And this is important: A violation of NCAA rules and regulations would make a student-athlete ineligible to play any NCAA member institution and even after being admitted a  violation discovered in high school may revoke athletic scholarships and/or cause dismissal from a college team.

After student-athlete has worked for may years perfecting their athletic skills, and after family has made personal and financial sacrifices to allow them to reach their peak sports level before college enrollment you don't want to make irrevocable mistakes.  SAA can help guide you successfully through the NCAA rules and regulation registration process.  We have the real-time, cutting-edge and working knowledge of NCAA rules with regard to academic and recruiting regulations!

10. Where is SAA located?

SAA located in Pinnacle Educational Center's newly built facility. Pinnacle is conveniently located five minutes off the Merritt Parkway in Woodbridge, Connecticut, at the foothills of West Rock.  The location is easily accessible from anywhere in New Haven County and Fairfield County.  It is 1.5 hours from Manhattan.

11.  What if I don't live in driving distance to SAA?
In addition to one-on-one meetings at our offices in Woodbridge, SAA provides student-athlete advisory services by phone, e-mail and SKYPE. You can also meet us at any one of Pinnacle Educational Center Admissions Advisors Group's affiliate offices in Greenwich, CT; White Plains, NY; Manhattan and Fort Lee, NJ.

12.  When should I start an effort to get the attention of college coaches using SAA?

Procrastination causes more failures and missed opportunities than any thing else!  It's never too early!  Your opportunity to participate in college athletics diminish every day you delay actively engaging in the recruiting process. Prospects from your graduating class enter the process everyday and college coaches are evaluating their skills as their information becomes available. Procrastination puts you at the bottom of the list or sometimes even off the list. 

Different colleges start their recruiting process at different times.  As a general rule, college coaches want to identify prospects and get scouting information on them as soon as possible.  Most college, in particular, Division I schools, begin their recruiting interest as early as the ninth grade.  If you are in high school, its never too early.  Waiting until your senior year to attract college attention is a big mistake.  It may be too late, certainly limits your chances, and will definitely limit your choices. As soon as you demonstrate exceptional potential talent you should enroll in SAA services.   

13.  How do I get started with SAA?

Just call us to schedule an appointment.  We schedule appointments on weekdays, on weekday afternoons during the school year, and on weekends.  We know that conflicts of schedules occur, especially for student athletes! 

Email:  info@studentathleteadvisors.com                                                                                                                               Woodbridge: 203.387.1574 | Greenwich: 203.542.7288 | Manhattan: 212.829.4341 | White Plains: 914.705.5519 | Fort Lee: 201.490.1037