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                          * Being recruited is a once-in a lifetime opportunity!  Get noticed by colleges! *

SAA provides the following types of services to help student-athletes reach their primary goal: GET RECRUITED!

I.  Student-Athlete Consultation Services: billable per hour.

  • Fees start at: $475 per hour. 

II.  Basic Package: 

  • One-time meeting (90 minutes) by phone or in-person.
  • Review of college-recruiting process.
  • Review of NCAA Rules and Regulations.
  • Demystifying NCAA Division levels I, II and III.
  • Recommendations for self-marketing and contacting coaches.
  • Effective evaluation of college athletic programs.
  • Fee: $750 - $950.

Basic package does NOT include and evaluation of the student-athlete's academic record or athletic talent.  Therefore a target list of colleges is NOT provided.

III.  Premium Package

  • Two meetings (each meeting 90 minutes)
  • Includes all of Basic Package and;
  • Student-Athlete Personal Assessment: review of academic record and athletic talent.
  • Fee: $1,600.00 - $2,500.

IV.  Comprehensive Package

  • For Sophomore, Juniors, Seniors and Post-graduate.
  • Includes all of Premier Package. 
  • Development of Detailed Student-Athlete Action Plan.
  • Development of detailed athletic profile and resume.
  • Manage recruiting process with development of detailed timelines.
  • Evaluation of student-athlete's athletic talent level.
  • Researching college athletic programs.
  • Development of target list of colleges tailored specifically for the student-athlete.
  • Advise student on initiating and managing contacts with athletic coaches and directors.
  • Interviewing techniques to help you stand out with coaches.
  • Practice/mock interviewing skills before campus visits.
  • Guidance and oversight of all written communications with coaches.
  • Monitor progress of student-athlete/college coaching relationship.
  • Development effective communication skills with college coaches.
  • Advise official and/or unofficial athletic campus visit planning and scheduling.
  • Guidance on how to self promote and create visibility.
  • Advise student-athlete in weighing various admissions offers and final college decision.
  • Continuous support and consultation throughout the process. 
  • Unlimited phone, email, fax consultations.
  • Fee: $7,500 - $9,500 per year.

V. Additional Services (add-on to the above services)

College Admissions Planning:  Either per package or comprehensive.  College admissions consultations, academic planning, standardized test (SAT and or ACT) planning, mock interviews, application and essay assistance.

NCAA Initial Eligibility Clearinghouse Registration:  Assistance with the clearinghouse registration.
Athletic Scholarships and Financial Aid Planning & Guidance:  Assistance in scholarship and financial aid planning.

Athletic Profile/Resume:  Contains pictures of student-athlete with sports-specific statistics and contact information in PDF format, ready to be emailed directly to coaches on target list.

Professionally-edited Recruitment DVD (10 copies): Features the student-athlete in action with a spot shadow over athlete for easy identification.  Client is responsible for supplying no more than 4 full game films (digital format preferred).

Video Production:  Filming of no more than 4 games in digital format by SAA associate of student-athlete.

Personal Website Design with Video Stream: Student-athlete website development and video stream.

Athletic Public Relations & Marketing Campaign:  Development of public relations and image campaign.

VI.  Student Athlete Boot Camps

Email:  info@studentathleteadvisors.com                                                                                                                                     Woodbridge: 203.387.1574 | Greenwich: 203.542.7288 | Manhattan: 212.829.4341 | White Plains: 914.705.5519 | Fort Lee: 201.490.1037